New Computing Curriculum: Computational Thinking

In the last article I looked at algorithms and how they can be implemented across the curriculum. This time I will be dealing with the importance of precise and uinambiguous instructions when you are working with a computer.

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New Computing Curriculum: Algorithms

The new computing curriculum is full of terms which, at first glance, may appear alienating and overwhelming. Cut through the jargon and you will soon see that much of what is included is work you are already familiar with.
In this article I'll be focussing on what an algorithm is in terms of computing. I'll also look at some ideas of how to teach these skills in the classroom.

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Assistive Technology

As teachers of students with profound and complex learning difficulties we are constantly faced with the challenge of how best to support these students and enable them to take more control of their environment and access learning. There are many forms of assistive technology available now but for some students controlling a computer using even these access methods presents huge challenges. For these students, attaching eye trackers to a computer and teaching them how they can use eye movements to communicate, make things happen or demonstrate understanding may open up a new and exciting world for them.

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